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Nairobi Tourist Information - Key Tourist Attractions, Reviews & Nairobi Photos

It is the capital and the largest city of Kenya, Nairobi is also the most populous city in East Africa. Politically and financially it is a prominent city of Africa and has established itself as a hub for business and culture. Located on the Nairobi River this region flourished and grew under the British Rule. After independence the city continued to grow as a center of administration along with abundant tourist activities. Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro are great neighbors to have and occupy the northern and southeastern Nairobi skyline respectively. This city has a dense tree cover and plenty of green spaces, is however, modern and traditional at the same time.

Image Gallery - Pictures of Nairobi

  • Sunset NairobiSunset Nairobi
    Sunset Nairobi
  • Nairobi ZebrasNairobi Zebras
    Nairobi Zebras
  • Nairobi WaterfallNairobi Waterfall
    Nairobi Waterfall
  • Nairobi NightviewNairobi Nightview
    Nairobi Nightview
  • Nairobi StadiumNairobi Stadium
    Nairobi Stadium
  • Nairobi AirportNairobi Airport
    Nairobi Airport
  • Nairobi Market Nairobi Market
    Market Nairobi
  • Nairobi SkylineNairobi Skyline
    Nairobi Skyline
  • Nairobi GardenNairobi Garden
    Garden Nairobi
  • Nairobi Crafts Nairobi Crafts
    Crafts Nairobi


  Ngong Hills
Ngong Hills

Ngong Hills

These are the dominating peaks in a ridge by the Great Rift Valley along the southwest skyline near Nairobi.


 Nairobi River
Nairobi River

Nairobi River

A complex of several parallel streams flowing eastwards eventually joining on the east of Nairobi to further meet the Athi River before pouring into the Indian Ocean.


Kenyatta International Conference Centre
Kenyatta Centre

Kenyatta International Conference Centre

It is a 30 storey building venue for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and special events located in the central business district of Nairobi.


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